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I’ve added a new login system, which allows you to login to Aqid.nl by providing your Facebook account. This means you don’t have to register here, you can login to Aqid.nl by entering your Facebook account and password.

To do so, click on the Facebook image at the lower right box More >

Flyer 22.10.10

First live gig

This weekend I had to play some music at a bar, my first live gig ever! Ofcourse I recorded the liveset and uploaded it to aqid.nl! You can download it over here.

Picture of me

Portfolio added

I’ve added my first pages! I’ve started with my portfolio.  Some basic information about me can be found at the Portfolio page, you can read about the schools I went to at the School page and you can read about the company where I work over at the Work page. If More >