It’s a random friday and we are hanging out at Sunvilla. It’s the first warm day of the year, but we’re all too hung over to do something. A few guys asked us to play some football, way too intensive we thought. So we’re sitting there, just starring in front of ourselves. “C’mon we have to do something man”… “Yeah we should”… All in a sudden Simon comes with the wonderfull idea to go downtown and just walk around. “We can even take some pictures”. The best idea for a friday like that…

Armed with sweatpants, hoodies and camera’s we start to move (at the lowest pace you can ever imagine) downtown to take a few pictures. This way our readers can see where we are living and we have something to do outside thats not as intensive as football, win-win.

So this is what I came up with after 2,5 hours (and no, Springfield isn’t that big… we just walked really slow):

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