We finished the introduction day by going to a basketball game. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I definitely didn’t expect it would be this big! The arena (which is on campus) is really huge and there were a lot of supporters. There was a band playing all kind of songs and there were cheerleaders called the Sugar Bears. Everyone was screaming different things like d-d-d defeeeence and goooo bears go, it was really awesome. The mascot Boomer the Bear was crowd surfing all the way up the arena and every time the Bears scored a 3 pointer the cheerleaders were throwing free t-shirts into the crowd. They also have a lot of screens hanging around the arena and 1 big one in the middle. They showed replays of the actions and every once in a while the camera got pointed at the fans (called the fan cam). I wasn’t really paying attention to the screen until Carlos hit me on the back and said… look, look, we’re on it! I was so surprised at first, then we jumped around like crazy. It was really funny. The game ended with 65-50 in favor of the Bears. It was the perfect ending of the introduction day and when we got back at the hotel everybody was pretty tired.

I guess you really have to see the pictures and the movies cause its really hard to describe with words.

I didn’t bring my camera with me but at the next game on Wednesday I definitely will. I took some movies with my cell phone and copied some pictures from Facebook profiles of other people.

After you click on the first picture, you can use the Arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through the pictures instead of using your mouse.

The introduction of the Bears, really impressing with the music n all:

The Bears scoring in the first few minutes:

Sugar Bears at halftime:

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