Last week we decided to go do something this weekend, it was MLK day this monday so that means we had a 3 day weekend. We asked Thomas how much the the train would cost to Chicago and he told us it was only 50 bucks. The bad thing was, the train station is located at St. Louis, which still is a 3 hour drive. Thomas said that he was willing to bring us to the train station. A few days later we met Sean, who was willing to drive to Chicago because he wanted to visit it too. He told us a few people could join him if we wanted too. At this moment Thomas decided to drive to Chicago too instead of driving to St. Louis, so we could take 10 people! The downside was, it was an 9 hour drive (about 500 miles / 800 KM) and it would cost a lot of fuel. But when I saw the fuel prices ($2.89/gallon, which is €0.56/liter), I knew it wouldn’t be that bad! In the end it cost only $35 dollars per person for a round trip! We left at 1am in the night so we would be there at the morning and we would be able to check in immediately. This means that we couldn’t sleep that night. We stayed at the Chicago Getaway Hostel, which was a nice hostel with enough things to do.

The first day we went downtown with the L track, which is like a metro or a train. It was the first time for me to be surrounded by so many tall buildings, I felt really small. But it was amazing to be in a big city like this. We didn’t eat anything yet so we decided to go grab a bite. Sean knew this famous pizza place called Giordano’s, so we decided to go there. Man they did serve weird pizza’s! They looked like pie, with the tomato sauce on top. And they had so much cheese in it that it would fill you up immediately. I had enough after only 1 slice! I started on the second one but gave up after about the half. Later that night we decided to go out, so we took the L track again to visit a club, but we met some few people on the train. They were going to a house party and asked if we would like to join them. You don’t have to tell us twice, so we decided to join them. The house was filled with people but that was actually a bad thing, because they ran out of alcohol after about an hour. So we stayed a little bit longer and then decided to go. The people we met decided to leave too and asked if we wanted to go back to their place. We went to a night store and grabbed some new beers and went over there. It’s awesome that you can buy beer 24 hours a day, damn we need that in Holland. After a while we went home completely shitfaced and we could finally sleep in a normal bed, which I really needed after spending the night in a car.

The second day I woke up at something like 4pm, so I kinda slept away most of the day. I heard some others went to the zoo, but I don’t care about zoo’s anyway. I could really use some healthy food, so we went to this nice Vietnamese restaurant. I started off with the best mango smoothie I ever had and had a nice plate of beef with asparagus for dinner. After that I felt a lot better and we started planning our night again. We stayed at the hostel for quite some time and at 2am somebody still wanted to go out. At first I wanted to stay in the hostel, but I decided to go anyway. We took a cab and got dropped of at some random bar, but it was almost closing. So after that we went in to the next bar because it was open for another hour, but we came to the conclusion that it was a gay bar :( . Obviously the girls didn’t mind, but us guys wanted to get the hell out of there. So after a little while we left the place and took a cab back home. We hang around the hostel for a little bit and then we decided to go to bed, the next day we had to get up at 10am because we had to check out. I was so tired, but the good thing was that I could sleep in the car. After a little stop in St. Louis we drove back to Springfield and our road trip had ended. It was an awesome weekend, special thank to Thomas and Sean for driving 2×10 hours in one weekend.

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