IMG_1913 blog: Downtown Springfield

It’s a random friday and we are hanging out at Sunvilla. It’s the first warm day of the year, but we’re all too hung over to do something. A few guys asked us to play some football, way too intensive we thought. So we’re sitting there, just starring in front More >

IMG_1873 blog: Bears HQ

This first time I went to the basketball game I only had my cellphone with me, so the pictures and video’s weren’t that good. Last time I went to the game I decided to bring my good camera with me (and my 50-250 zoom lens) so I could make a More >

CIMG1396 blog: Chicago

Last week we decided to go do something this weekend, it was MLK day this monday so that means we had a 3 day weekend. We asked Thomas how much the the train would cost to Chicago and he told us it was only 50 bucks. The bad thing was, More >

CIMG1382 blog: Moving in

Saturday was the day we could move in to our residences. So after packing all our stuff again, we we’re on our way to Sunvilla and Kentwood. Kentwood used to be an hotel and is located downtown. Its the furthest away from campus, but luckily for me they have a More >

167752_183378915024383_100000568262631_575730_2727567_n blog: Basketball game – Bears vs Aces

We finished the introduction day by going to a basketball game. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I definitely didn’t expect it would be this big! The arena (which is on campus) is really huge and there were a lot of supporters. There was a band playing all More >

IMG_1806 blog: Introduction day

On the 7th of January Study Away organized an Introduction day for all exchange students. We began with filling out some forms and watching a presentation about the American way of attending class. We got our BearPass which is basically our identification here at campus. After lunch we started our More >

CIMG1372 blog: The Ramada Hotel

After traveling for over 20 hours I finally arrived in Springfield. I was really glad Linley from Study Away was picking me up at the airport. She brought me to the Ramada Hotel where I met the other exchange students. I noticed all the exchange students we’re in the same More >

american-flag blog: My first post

I just installed a plugin so I can use as a blog for and I dont need a new site! That’s pretty great. So as all of you probably already know I’m in Springfield, Missouri right now, going to Missouri State University. I’m keeping you all updated through More >