On the 7th of January Study Away organized an Introduction day for all exchange students. We began with filling out some forms and watching a presentation about the American way of attending class. We got our BearPass which is basically our identification here at campus. After lunch we started our tour around campus, we didn’t see all the buildings because it would take hours but we did see the most important ones. I took a few shots with my camera, which you can see below. I was still amazed by the size of the campus, its easy to get lost the first time your here.

Our final stop of the tour was JQH Arena, this is the sports arena of MSU. We got tickets for the basketball game later that night. You can read about the game in my next blog!

To give you an impression of the size, here’s a campus map to go along with the pictures: http://search.missouristate.edu/map/othermaps/CampusMap.pdf

And here are the pictures of the campus tour:

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