Saturday was the day we could move in to our residences. So after packing all our stuff again, we we’re on our way to Sunvilla and Kentwood. Kentwood used to be an hotel and is located downtown. Its the furthest away from campus, but luckily for me they have a BearLine here (which is basically a shuttle driving around campus). All the other guys in the car were going to Sunvilla and I was the only one at Kent, so that was a bit difficult at first. Laura helped me checking in and when I got the key I could finally enter the room. I was shocked how small it actually was. I mean, I was expecting a small room… but this isn’t small, this is tiny. In the beginning I wasn’t to happy with it, so I though about switching rooms (which you can only do like 2 weeks after you have moved). But I’m used to it now and I don’t spend that much time in my room anyway. The only things I do here are sleeping and showering, so its fine by me now.

About an hour after I arrived my roommate came in, his name is Cody and he’s an American. He’s a nice guy and he isn’t in a lot, just like me. So that’s good, because in such a small place you don’t want to be around each other for too long. After we were finished unpacking we went to Bass Pro Shop and to Walmart. Bass Pro is like the biggest outdoor store in Missouri, they sell all kind of things. You should really check out the pictures!

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Pictures from Kentwood:

Pictures from Bass Pro Shop:

Movie for Josten:

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