After traveling for over 20 hours I finally arrived in Springfield. I was really glad Linley from Study Away was picking me up at the airport. She brought me to the Ramada Hotel where I met the other exchange students. I noticed all the exchange students we’re in the same hallway, that was really nice. We went out to Applebee’s where I had my first American dinner. It was actually really good! They had seperate seats for people who smoke, I was really surprised there are still places when you can smoke inside. Seems such a long time ago when they banned it in Holland. Later we hang out at the Hotel room and grabbed some beers from Walmart. Its really cool to have a store available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The second day Laura from Study Away brought me to MSU so I could register for classes. This was the first time I saw the campus. Wow, it was so big. You will see more of that when I write my blog about the Introduction day, which was the day after that.

The evenings we’re pretty much the same, we hang out at someone’s room with a few guys, listened some music and having a laugh. We’ve also been to hotel swimming pool twice and we visited the Springfield Mall. The mall was big, it takes about 30 minutes to walk past every store without going inside. The food courts look great, we don’t have anything like that in Holland. It’s a big hall where different companies sell all kinds of food (subway/chinees/greek/taco bell and much more) and you can eat together in the middle. This way everybody can choose what they like.

Okay thats it for now, stay tuned for my article of the Introduction day! Here are some pictures of the first days at the Ramada Hotel:

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